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Four marketing tips to make 2019 count

As more and more companies are becoming digital the space to stand out will become more difficult. Here are a few tips to help your campaigns stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Use minimum personalisation for maximum impact Businesses often online try to...

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Our new animation video!

Meet Felix! Felix loves going on holiday's but hates the roaming charges on his mobile he gets when he comes back from holiday. When Felix is not on holiday he runs his own small business, wanting it to grow and become a success he realised that he needed...

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GDPR Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

General Data Protection Regulation compliance is an upcoming issue for British websites, though it is one they too often know little about. About half of businesses surveyed recently were somewhat unfamiliar with the rules, and even those who were aware...

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How Secure Is WordPress as a CMS?

It has been estimated that about a third of the web is powered by WordPress sites. While some people have expressed security concerns about it, it wouldn’t be used that widely if it wasn’t a secure platform. Instead, the fact that it is so widely used is...

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5 Effective Web Design Feedback Tips

If you want your website to fit your needs and expectations, knowing how to give constructive feedback is key. Too many projects fall short due to bad communication, and there’s nothing that is more frustrating to a web developer than a client that doesn’t...

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Todays Office

Instead of spending today working from my home office building websites, where it's nice and cosy, I ventured into town for a early morning meeting. Braving the cold and running late, I had to call an Uber - which by the way I had an interesting...

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Google Version 62

Earlier this month Google announced the latest version of Google Chrome Version 62, which will be rolling out over the next few days - if not done already as we send out this newsletter. The browser is putting pressure on website owners to migrate to...

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