Digital Marketing Specialist of the Year 


Before you think it, we didn’t decide to call ourselves the digital marketing specialist of the year haha! 


But we wanted to write this to say thanks to everyone – all of our clients, business partners, and supporters, we couldn’t have got to where we are without you guys.


So, this year got off to a good start. Early last week as we were wiping the sleep out of our eyes, sipping our morning coffee, and realising the festive break is over and it’s time to get back to work, we received an email. Results announced – Central England Prestige Awards 2020/21.


At first, still waking up we thought it was just junk mail. But after reading it through (good job we didn’t assume it was junk and delete it). We realised we started 2021 by winning an award! 


The Digital Marketing Specialist of the Year by the Central England Prestige Awards 2020/21. We were thrilled at the news! The winners will be announced on the site via this link –


All being well, in April there will be an award ceremony for it – hopefully, lockdown will ease by then allowing the event takes place (fingers crossed).


We will feature in a page article within their booklet, which we’re currently in the process of the interview so will share once we the copy! 


So a short article from us, but we wanted to share this amazing news with you guys because with out your support we wouldn’t be in this position. So thank you, everyone!!!


Let’s hope 2021 is a success for everyone! 

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