With over 750 million monthly users, TikTok has changed the social media game as the new and hottest app.

Short videos are finding their way onto every other social media app too, as these apps try to compete with the new giant on the scene. Since video is the new king of social media, it’s vital that you’re making the best social media videos possible. 

Keep reading to learn how to take your social media videos to the next level!

Solid Strategy

It’s important that you have a social media and video marketing strategy. You can’t make social media videos up as you go along. Well, you can, but those videos aren’t going to perform. 

Strategising involves planning out your social media post ideas, tracking performance and noting which videos get the most engagement, and keeping on top of video trends. 

With a good digital marketing plan, you’ll increase brand awareness through engagement with your social media audience. This will reflect in your sales later on.

Hire Professionals

There’s no shame in needing to bring in professional help. Social media is an ever-changing game, so if you’re not an expert in staying on top of it, you’re probably out of your depth. 

That’s where professionals come in! Hiring professionals saves your business a lot of time and effort. It frees up your employees from creating content, so they can redirect their energy into other parts of your business.

Check out our social media services for more information. 

Keep It Simple

It’s easy to get lost in the process of making a social media video. One of two things usually happens: you get focused on crafting the perfect video or sidetracked by adding in all the bells and whistles. This results in the message of your video getting lost. 

That’s why you should always try to keep it simple. Audiences don’t have the attention span for long videos, so keep it short. Make sure the message is clear by avoiding anything that could distract your audience from what you’re trying to say. 

Optimise Your Videos

You’re not the only brand making social media videos, so it’s important to optimise so your audience can find you. One of the best ways to do this is with search engine optimisation. 

This means making sure your videos are uploaded with the right video descriptions, captions, and tags to ensure the search functions are promoting them. This way, your videos come up higher when someone searches for something relevant to them. 

Make Amazing Social Media Videos

Using these tips and tricks guarantees some amazing social media videos for your brand. 

A good strategy, keeping it simple, and optimisation are key to standing out from the pool of social media videos. And hiring professionals is a great way to execute these tips. 

Contact us to take your social media videos to the next level!

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