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Organic Brew

Improving your websites ranking through SEO (search engine optimisation) has never been simpler. We provide SEO for you so it’s easy to understand, adheres to best practice and regulations, making it as effective as possible giving you the best chance to improve the growth of your site organically. Our aim is to make SEO easy for you to understand, delivery is the tricky part – leave that to us.

At Pencil and Coffee we will initially get your website up to current technical standards. From there we will build links within your site and create content which is both relevant and engaging. The content we create is intended to give your customers more value as well as getting the ranking up on your site.

Quite simply, we will work with you to build an effective organic growth and make change where necessary and at all times being transparent during this.

Paid Brew

Our Paid Brew services include PPC (pay per click) advertising. We will run your paid campaigns in an effective way promoting it on the right platforms to get the most out of it for your campaign. Paid online advertising is a great way to start building traffic to your site while your organic brew is steadily growing.

The trick is to make sure the paid campaigns are being used in the correct ways, we understand it can be quite a minefield but we will make the process easy and clear to understand, explaining along the way what we are doing to improve the flow of traffic to your site.

The Ingredients

For the two solutions we have above the are three essential ingredients to deliver the best possible results for our clients. We work tirelessly to gain the visibility you deserve and increase the traffic of your website.

Research & Setup

To provide you with an effective campaign it is essential we get to understand your business, target audience and any competition. We use a range of different processes to gather as much information as possible.

Planning & Preperation

During this stage, planning is key! Without a good plan the campaign will never be as successful. We will strategise and plan various campaign methods to help boost your website, whether that’s through creating content via blogs, link building or paid adverts on Google.

Building & Reporting

From our research from step 2, we will use the knowledge to start building effective organic or paid campaigns to boost traffic to your website. During this stage we begin to build reports of our campaigns to show what has been successful and even when campaigns have not been successful – and we’re honest about it. However the reports allow us to read the data and improve what is not working so well and continue building on what is working well.

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