We are an open book


Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Pencil and Coffee – a digital solutions agency

From the beginning the only thing we really wanted to do was enjoy the warm embrace of coffee and the satisfying results of helping others. So when we sat down one morning to write down our strengths with a pencil in one hand and a perfect pour in the other we came up with some amazing ideas.

What we did is take the creative, imaginative and artistic talents of one person and mix it up with the caring, meticulous and helping nature of another to create a team that loves to produce amazing designs and provide excellent service.

We have come very far and now it’s your turn to experience our business. Since day one we have been consistently learning and improving our products and services. From a company that started out designing websites and logos for small start-up business, we now also accommodate medium to large companies with printing, social media management and many more digital solutions.

We made this transition to digital solutions agency due to high demands of total online packages. No job is too small, and no challenge is too big. Join us for some coffee and let’s see where we can go together!

Founded in 2015 and Growing!


Its all in the name

The company was established in 2015, with two clear goals: providing quality service to our customers and to be able to provide this at an affordable rate.

Pencil & Coffee is digital agency based in Leicester. The name came about one Sunday morning when one of the directors was creating a design using a HB pencil whilst drinking some good coffee. Suddenly the idea came about, the two essential ingredients for any design recipe, a pencil and coffee! Pencil & Coffee came into existence with the intention of providing quality services at affordable rates without our clients having to do much or any work at all.

So sit back and relax, coffees on us!

A Digital Agency

This is our thing and what we’re good at! We put value into your website to get you certain results to help your business.

Forward Thinking

Technology is the future and we have to be a part of it. That’s why we’re always finding new tools we can study to help you improve your businesses.

Problem Solvers

Nobody likes facing problems, but they are inevitable. We have embraced that to solve them as quick as possible!

Customer Support

Great customer service is something we can brag about. We wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s in our nature!

The Story So Far…

This is just the beginning for us. As the digital industry continues to grow we aim to grow with it. By learning new software, programming languages and various tools we want to be able to be versatile and agile enough to keep up with the dramatic changes in technology. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, Pencil & Coffee want to join in and use this technology to improve our customers businesses in a way never done before!

For now, on the right hand side is are progress bars of our most relevant skills for customers. We’ve set the percentages with what we think is a true reflection of ourselves, which is why you’ll never see any of these at 100% because we believe everything can always be improved that much more. And we’ve set out own standards pretty high, so that we always continuously improve on our services and value to our customers.

  • Web Development 74% 74%
  • Brand Strategy 75% 75%
  • Photography 55% 55%
  • Social Media 71% 71%
  • Digital Marketing 67% 67%
  • Customer Value 96% 96%