As well as our amazing subscription packages over in our menu section, we like to offer more to our clients so you have less to worry about and more time to focus on your core business.

Pencil & Coffee is a young and agile company and we have many services available to our customers to give them the best we can offer. Additionally, because of the same reasons, we can change and adapt quickly to the ever changing environment in technology. So be sure to keep checking to see if we offer more services, for now take a look below at some of the particular services and prices we offer.


The first impression of your business is crucial in giving a good impression towards your potential customers. We believe that a good brand has to have a strong message behind it to reflect the values and ethics of the company. We create bespoke logo designs to support your company values with your customers in mind.

Price: £150

Online Marketing

As well as a monthly package, like most of our products we also offer this as a one off service. Online marketing is a very popular tool. I always say to our clients, imagine if your website was a shop, and it was the best shop you’ve ever seen! However…it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s pretty useless right? So you need to make sure you team a great website up with some brilliant online marketing to get noticed by as many potential customers as possible. We specialise in paid advertising and organic growth via blogging.

Price: £30 per hour

Graphics & Illustrations

Graphics & illustrations are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to give your site and brand a unique personality. They allow you to make an almost instant connection with your readers and are great attention grabbers. In a world where brands are trying to carve themselves a niche in a more and more crowded marketplace, illustrations can play a major role in increasing brand recognition.

Price: £30 per hour


A tried and tested way! It’s old school but the impact is still just as strong. Print is a great way to distribute material and create awareness of your company through a relatively cost effective method. Since it is affordable you can cover larger areas, which means more customers will know about you, we can even help you find a good strategy and strong campaign.

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