Pencil and Coffee is growing, we’ve added another director to the business – Jay Karsandas.


What he does

Jay’s job title is The Wizard of Lightbulb Moments! What that means is Jay is charge of managing, creating and growing your social media channels.


Anything to do with social media, Jay is the man to speak to! You can reach him via email on 

Jay brings a wealth of social media experience, managing clients of all sizes and from different industries.

Through Jay’s services he’s taken businesses from one shop to growing into a UK franchise. He’s worked with clients who have a global reach, by organising all their channels and growing them so they send out a clear message. All the way to clients who have just set up their business and need more exposure online to grow and generate sales.



Jay has worked in digital media for the past 3 years. It all started off as a hobby, working as a volunteer initially for a college, then learnt the trade with many influencers, seminars, workshops and attending courses.

Slowly Jay grew his profile, by working on small accounts and then through word of mouth, he started getting referrals and work, which became successful.

As Jay’s name got out he started doing consultations and courses for small businesses and adding more services to cater for all types of businesses.



Since Jay was young he loved tech and different kinds of gadgets, he used a lot of time making short videos and photography, which keeps his creative juices flowing. 

What keeps Jay sane with a busy work and family is the fact that he is a spiritual person and practitioner of yoga and meditation.

He studies spiritual science and is keen on learning more with time.

He also loves nature and a keen Gardner.

What keeps Jay going is his family, as they are the backbone of his life.

It’s also worth mentioning that he also enjoys football and is a Manchester United FC fan, just like Danny – probably why they get along with each other! 😂


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