Email Marketing

Email marketing as a service means that we design and send (on your behalf) personalized, targeted and researched emails aimed at getting people on the phone for a sales discussion. 

An average for every hundred emails that we send, we would look to get between 4-10 meetings booked on the phone for you as a customer. Our customers achieve 1 sale of their product coming from every hundred emails sent.


Cold email is a proven method of generating leads. We are not talking about the emails that go through to your junk box, with poor grammar and no sense of purpose. Our emails are all individually researched, and targeted with pin point accuracy. 


What do you get for your money:


  1. Hundreds and hundreds of researched email addresses of prospective clients in your marketplace.
  2. Individually tailored emails sent direct to them, which then turn into sales call’s which you conduct, and close.


This is a well crafted and researched offer, so get in touch to see how we can generate risk free leads for you and your business.


Are Email campaigns still effective?

Even in 2021 email marketing is still effective! Need some more convincing? Well, let’s put it this way, by 2022 it is expected that there will 126.7 trillion emails per year. With the majority of us checking emails constantly and first thing before we start anything else.

So to answer your question, yes email marketing is probably the most effective strategy. As all businesses will have a business email address that is checked regularly whereas social media accounts are not checked as often. Some of us check out emails as much as 20 times per day. So no matter how you put it, the stats show emails are here to stay and an effective channel for your marketing.


Understand your audience

First things first, we understand who you want to target the type of businesses, who in the business, their position, etc. We then start compiling a database of the potential audience to target.

Personalised Message

We then find out what your business can provide for these potential customers. Then start creating individual personalized messages.

1000s of Emails!

We then start sending these emails out and wait for the bookings to start coming back! 

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