Graphic Design

A good brand is essential for a competitive advantage, in a place where everyone is vying for attention. A strong brand helps you stand out and be recognised by your customers.

Whether you’re a start-up, needing everything from scratch being designed, or your a corporate needing a brand strategy or rebrand. We’ve got you covered at Pencil and Coffee.  

Why choose us? We’ve got experts part of our team who understand the importance of what makes a good design, with thought-out strategies behind everything. Plus we bring the fun element to a business, so working with us will be a blast! 

Is Graphic Design important?

Graphic design is important as it’s a tool that allows you to communicate with your customers and other people. It can convey an effective beautiful image/graphic that can’t always be done by text.

Good design makes you look good; makes you stand out from the rest; gives you credibility and professionalism and also creates consistent imagery the resonates with your customers.


Brainstorm & Ideation

At this stage, we do our research and start creating our ideas for the project and putting it all together

Moodboard & Colour Palette

We then start deciding which colours will provide the most impact and get the right emotional response. This all starts getting added to our moodboard

Concept & Final

We then run through the concepts with the client and make any tweaks to the overall design. Once everyone is happy we provide the launch version either by handing it over or creating a campaign around it.

Let's on a journey together
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Pour your favourite coffee and say hello to Java (the brains) and Woody (the creative)! They love helping businesses grow with any type of budget. They want you to grow by delivering you results!

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