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Your website is your storefront. For most of your customers, this is their first experience with you. First impressions count.

A website is essential for a business to succeed and operate in this century. It not only gives you a presence but it provides your customers with trust and confidence in your business. Many times it’s the customers first experience with you and for those regular customers, it acts as your base for all other things.

As a result, not only does your site need to provide information about what you do in a clear and easy way, but also the experience and customer journey needs to of a high standard. Our developers at Pencil and Coffee, are focused on the UX (user experience) and journey of the customer, to make your customers regular customers.

We live in a digital age, where your company can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time, therefore the site needs are easy to navigate and it’s imperative that it is friendly on all devices from the desktop to mobile. All our sites are built to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Woody and Java are here to help!

Woody & Java’s approach to web design and development


Ultimately the website is a place that should increase your exposure and your revenue. That’s why we build custom websites using WordPress.

So whether it’s a revamp of your current site or a brand new site, as your digital marketing team, Woody & Java wants to create a site that will convert and achieve your goals. Contact us today for more information.

Pencil and Coffee Website Planning


A strong foundation will set your website to stand the test of time, we only use the biggest platforms – WordPress and Magento to deliver your business needs


The analogy we like to use – you can have the best-looking shop in the world but if it’s in the middle of nowhere it’s no good for anyone. That’s why our sites are SEO friendly and easy to grow 

UX Design

A strong customer journey and experience will not only increase your exposure but increase your sales. Our focus is designing the best experience for your customers’

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Pencil & Coffee is here to help!


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