If you’re a local business, and you are not taking full advantage of google maps then you’re missing out big time. 

Google maps marketing is about taking full advantage of your businesses profile on Google Maps, with the goal being increasing your brand’s visibility. 

When you search google and there is local intent, then you will often get results based upon what is local to you.

Google My Business is a free platform provided by Google whereby you can create a local profile that is displayed across Google products. 

It will display things such as your website, address, name, reviews and opening hours. 

Utilizing this will help you increase your traffic, profile and ultimately your revenue.

What can I do to set it up?

Go to Google My Business page.


Enter all your business information that is relevant. 

Don’t create spam, and familiarise yourself with the appropriate rules. 

You need to verify this information, and this will happen by Google sending you a postcard through the post. 

Ok, the next step is to make sure that you are all set up with SEO on Google Maps.

Google will be interested in the following:

How close does your business match the enquiry?

How popular or authoritative is your business in the area? 

How close are you to the enquiry?

There are a series of ranking factors behind the scenes and you need to work on this to improve your visibility. 

Work on getting good reviews 

Do good work, and ask your customers to review you consistently.

Build links

If you work with other local businesses and have a good relationship with them and if they are not direct competitors in your line of business, then it is worth speaking to them about getting a link to your site on their blog. You can, of course, repay the favour by perhaps giving them a testimonial that they can use. This is a powerful way of improving your local business profile.

Report spam 

If you google your business and it looks like there are spam competitors, those being companies without a website, or ones that are taking you to a website that has nothing to do with that business, then it is possible that they are just spam, and if that’s the case you should be considering reporting an edit to google via maps.

Getting off the mark with Google Maps should really be considered in terms of boosting your business. 

The above is a really easy way to make your mark locally. 

It adds another sword to your armoury, quickly.

As always get in touch to share your stories, and if you need any questions answering on your marketing needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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