There’s a movement that is gathering momentum presently.


It’s called #NoCode.


Can you guess what it’s about?


That’s right.


It’s about #NoCode.


There is a movement of people who, while appreciating the complexities and beauty of JavaScript, CSS and HTML, think that it should be much easier than it is to build interesting products, and much easier to launch businesses.


I’m learning front end development at the moment. After years of putting it off, the call has become too strong. It’s great and I love it.


But boy, it takes some dedication, especially if you not using it in your day job.


Hours spent memorising code, looking at tutorials, having lessons and putting the practice in.


It’s tough.


However, there is another way.


There are events, products and launches happening every day all to do with #NoCode.


It’s pretty obvious what this means, but I’m going to spell it out anyway as my boss wanted this post to be around 500 words.


A #NoCode environment or development platform will use visual tools to allow people to create apps, products and sites through such methods as drag and drop.


That’s right, as you guessed #NoCode experience is required.


A good example of this would be a product like


Webflow allows you to build your site, get it up and running all without prior knowledge of coding.


You probably would want to spend some time looking at their tutorials beforehand, and I have watched them all.


I think they are some of the best, most straightforward web explainer videos I have seen, see the link below for more:



In fact, there are loads of other products out there, which are really interesting such as:




There are also “no code” focused resources like NoCode, and MakerPad.


There are some really active and passionate people in this community of likeminded individuals on twitter such as:







There will of course be times when you cant use the above, when you need to sit down with professionals and explain your vision.


You may not have the eye, aptitude, inclination or time to use any of the above, and that’s where companies like ours come in Pencil & Coffee.


We can help you get up and running with your digital needs in quick time, getting the results that your business deserves.


So get in touch and we can take your idea from just a thought into a digital reality.


We also can give your business the boost it needs, through using various products and techniques to create the leads you need for your company to grow and flourish.


In the meantime though, check out the #NoCode movement, it’s a lot of fun, and a great place to learn as well.


Sorry boss, I couldn’t make it to 500 words, I’ve got some #NoCode building to do.

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