Meet Felix! Felix loves going on holiday’s but hates the roaming charges on his mobile he gets when he comes back from holiday. When Felix is not on holiday he runs his own small business, wanting it to grow and become a success he realised that he needed to get online.

For every business an online presence these days is almost a necessity from a website to your social media coverage.

So he got on the Internet, emails and phones to web designers out there, he realised that either the prices were too high for something bespoke which he couldn’t afford, as a small business. Then on the other hand there were companies that were giving it away for almost free but the customer service wasn’t so great and he didn’t have the time to do a DIY job because he needed to focus on selling his own services.

Then he found Pencil & Coffee a company that met his needs and was a middle ground from the two types of web designers above! From affordable monthly packages making it easier to afford and manage payment, with great customer service! Wanting to help small businesses and start ups out Pencil & Coffee have come up with a scheme that allows for monthly affordable packages, to help manage your cashflow which also includes maintenance and unlimited changes to his site!

‘Perfect!’ Felix thought. How easy is this, let Pencil & Coffee manage my online presence to help my business grow while I can focus on own services. And any changes I can just give them a call or email and they’ll get on it!

To make things simpler watch the video below and see how Pencil & Coffee can help your business with it’s online design and marketing needs:

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