It’s difficult to come up with fresh ideas for content, but it needs to be done, after all the content that you produce is the very thing that will drive people to your sales funnel.


A sales funnel is rarely linear but it consists of:


Conversion funnel

Awareness, which focuses on visibility, education, and inspiration to draw new customers to your company.

Evaluation, where differentiation between competitors occurs.

Purchase, a decision to buy is made.

Post-Purchase, did customers make the right decision to buy from you?


Getting that awareness right in the first place comes down to content.


So what should I be creating?


Here are 5 ideas on which to base your content:


1. What questions are your customers asking? Find out and answer them. Ask your colleagues, the sales team, your other directors and put together some infographics, a blog or a live stream that addresses the answers to these questions.

Question mark

2. What is the future of your industry, where is it going to end up in the next few years? If you keep up to date with trends, if your working on something pertinent to the future of your industry then you can share your story. Talk about the journey you have had, share some pictures, and let other people with an interest know.

Moving Market Share

3. What feedback or complaints have you had from your customers, that you put right? We all know the old adage about learning more about the mistakes you have made, then the successes you have had right? Highlight a customer complaint and let your audience know how you put things right. What steps you took, and the tangible improvements that arose because of it.


4. What is unique about your business? Do you give back to a particular cause? Why are your staff so special? Again these stories are a goldmine in terms of the stories that can arise, and interest people. The human interest stories are often the really special ones to tell, so if you have given back to a member of staff, or if they have given back to the community themselves, why not highlight and share the good work done.

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5. What does your industry consistently get wrong? This shouldn’t be about slagging off the competition because who is perfect? This should be about recognising the things you could collectively do better, and the small things you have addressed to try and make it so.

 Good, better and best concept

So the above is a start. When it’s a struggle to come up with the content goods, have a look at the above and see what you can up with.


As always we would love to hear about the good and the bad, so keep in touch and reach out for help with all your marketing needs.


Until next time, take care.

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