A whopping 83% of mobile users expect a seamless experience when they visit a website and if it’s not responsive, they’ll quit and never return again.

Aside from affecting your bounce rate, a mobile-friendly website is a must in today’s digital world. Users make purchasing decisions right from their mobile devices.

Read on to discover some of the most important reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website to attract more customers and boost conversions. 

What Is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly website is a type of business website design that’s optimized for mobile devices. These include smartphones, iPads, and tablets. The website design is adjusted for smaller screens so you can see the entire website content without needing to zoom in.

You can check if your website is mobile-friendly using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

It’s Good for SEO Rankings

One of the most important SEO factors is fast loading time, especially on mobile since a huge percentage of users are mobile-first. This means you need to optimize your website for mobile devices in mind, and then for desktop.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will not get ranked by Google and other search engines. Worse yet, your website can even get penalized if it’s not optimized for mobile.

It Can Bring More Sales

One of the best benefits of marketing with mobile devices is that a mobile-friendly website can bring more sales. Since most mobile users access websites on their phones, they’re also more likely to make a purchase. This is if the user experience is optimized for mobile.

A mobile-friendly website is basically a separate website with a different look and content from your desktop website. In many cases, it has a different design from the desktop website and is optimized to boost sales or conversions on mobile devices.

On the other hand, a responsive website is your desktop website in a mobile-friendly version. It adjusts to whichever device it’s accessed on and does not change its design or content.

It Can Improve Customer Engagement

When creating a mobile-friendly website, always bear in mind your customers and their experience when visiting your website. Ideally, you’ll have a website that’s designed for mobile-first and foremost, and then for desktop. This way, your users will engage with your content longer and may even turn to paying customers.

It Can Lead to More Social Media Shares

Social media marketing happens almost exclusively on mobile. This is especially with apps like TikTok and Instagram. If you want to promote your products and services on these platforms, you need to make your website mobile-friendly in order to close more sales.

Don’t forget to add social media share buttons on your website. You want to make it easy for website visitors to share your content directly on their social media channels.

Think Mobile-First When Designing a Website To Attract More Visitors

Whether you’re currently building a website or already have one, making it mobile-friendly can lead to more visitors and ultimately, more sales.

Need a brand new mobile-friendly website your customers will love? Reach out to us today to learn more about our web services and let us create a website that’ll attract more visitors and bring more sales.

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