Brainstorming for a campaign for all your brands and clients can be hard work. A campaign that works for one brand might not work for another. Although there are a few campaign ideas that work for almost all brands; here’s a curation of all those campaigns to help you ideate for the next social media campaign for your brand:


 1. Giveaways:

Giveaways are really effective as social media campaigns to generate leads and promote a brand. The item to be given away for free should be appealing to the target audience and relevant to the product or brand. Giveaways are one of the best campaign ideas to increase social media following and reach by asking the followers to repost and tag.

Free Stuff

Alternatively, giveaways can also be done with collaborations with influencers as that will ensure a greater reach and high engagement.

2. Caption Contest:

This is super easy and one of the best social media campaigns run on social media to increase reach and expand the community. A picture is put across the social platforms (or one) and the audience will be asked to write a caption for it. The wittiest one is awarded a product that appeals, or gift cards (which always work).

3. Social Chats:

Chatbot concept with instant messenger displayed on smart phone

Social chats can be done on any one social media platform. The campaign idea revolves around engaging with followers across social platforms. On Twitter, a Tweet Chat can be organized with a relevant influencer. Similarly, on Instagram and Facebook, Q&A sessions or Live Chats are very effective in increasing reach and social media presence. This also helps to connect with the audience and develop a positive brand image.

4. Logo Design:

Sketch Instagram modern camera logo with gradient

Contest: Instagram used this as a social media campaign when redesigning its logo and it was a huge success. Irrespective of the brand’s popularity, this campaign is a great way to increase reach across various social platforms. Although, it must be made sure that the contest offers an attractive prize for which the contestants would be willing to compete hard.

 5. Flash Discounts:

Flash Discounts are one of the best social media campaign ideas to ensure surged engagement. You can offer flash discounts to the most engaged customers/ followers and announce the same a few hours before. This will give the account an increased engagement for sure.


6. Influencer Campaigns:

There are a lot of ways to collaborate with influencers for social media campaigns. You can do a giveaway for some of the brands’ products, ask for promotions, tagging or ask for an account takeover for a day. All these campaigns are a great way to increase the community and awareness of the brand.


7. Collaborate:

Collaborations can be done with other relevant brands across various social platforms. It works mostly when the other brand has a better following. This social media campaign is a great way for the brand to engage with a new audience and reach out to them.


8. TV Ads:

Witty advertisements, especially in the festive season, are always a hit to campaign ideas on YouTube. Even though this social media campaign might require more budget than the others, it is sure to help you connect with the target audience. Advertisements are also a great way to build the brands image and appeal to the sentiments of the audience.

 Addressable TV advertising concept vector illustration.

9. Tell Your Story:

This social media campaign can either revolve around an important day or the brand’s overall message. The audience is asked to share their story in the comment section or post their stories and tag the brand’s account. This is a great way for the brand to increase its reach and connect with a wider audience. It also humanizes your brand – so potential customers become attracted to connecting with you.


10. Challenge:

Challenges on Social Media are the best social media campaign ideas to create a buzz around the brand. The most famous example of this is the Ice Bucket Challenge by The ALS Association. These challenges spread wide and quick on Social Media and if successful, can bring a drastic increase in the social media reach, community, donations and revenue.


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