Studies show that the average Internet user spends nearly seven hours per day online. This makes online advertising the perfect platform to engage with potential consumers. 

Interested in getting into digital marketing but have been scared off by the misinformation? Keep reading to uncover the truth about five myths in online advertising. 

Myth #1: Digital Marketing Gets Instant Results 

When investing in digital marketing, many people expect immediate returns. However, online advertising is a long-term investment since it takes time to gather data and produce results.

Most advertising networks take a few days to ramp up and serve ads to the desired target audience. During these first few days of “learning,” the network fine-tunes your targeted audience. This lets them show your advertisement to people who are more likely to engage with it.

Myth #2: SEO is Dead

Although many archaic marketing tactics are 6 feet under, SEO is not. SEO has become a foundational element of subtle online advertising. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of enhancing your digital footprint with unpaid and editorial tactics.

SEO aims to work alongside the search engine algorithm to raise the position of your website in the search results pages. 

Myth #3: Quantity is King 

In digital marketing, quality always wins out over quantity, since you can’t get quality leads without great content. Many companies mistakenly think digital marketing is about buying as much ad space as possible.

Advertisers are challenged to develop “thumb-stopping content.” However, with such a saturated market, it is essential that advertisers produce evocative contact to connect with their audiences. After hours of scrolling, you an eye-catching advertisement to capture someone’s attention. 

Your company’s reputation will be enhanced and your client base will grow if you place a significant emphasis on quality. As an advertiser, you need to prioritize high-quality leads, in the hopes that some of those will convert into sales or advocates. 

Myth #4: Save Time by Skipping Mobile Optimisation 

Mobile optimisation is the act of changing the content of your website to make sure that users on mobile devices receive a personalized experience. Everyone is glued to their phones, so you need to consider this when making ads. 

Studies show that 39% of e-commerce sales are initiated on a mobile device. Failing to make your site and ads mobile-friendly can force you to skip out on potential profits. When you optimize for mobile, you are making the user experience a top priority. 

Myth #5: Search Ads Are Worthless

When someone searches for the services or goods that the advertiser offers, adverts will appear in the search engine results. This is known as paid search advertising. In this manner, each inquiry is properly matched by the presented ad.

Compared to traditional internet ads, search ads are affordable ways to boost your viewability online. When people are browsing search engines for similar products and services, search ads will direct them to you over a competitor. 

Avoid Online Advertising Myths

Now that we have dissected all of the myths about online advertising, let’s talk about the truth. The truth is that online ads can make or break your business in this digital environment. 

With our team of experts, your marketing plan will always be in good shape, since we will work on it constantly until you start seeing the results you want. Contact us at Pencil & Coffee to take your online advertising to the next level. 

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