Nearly 50% of all Google searches are local. In other words, consumers are trying to find businesses like yours nearby. If your brand doesn’t appear during one of their searches, you’ll lose that lead.

With local search engine optimisation (SEO), you don’t have to keep watching opportunities fly by. Instead, you can use local SEO services to appear in front of those customers.

On the fence about using SEO? Here are six wow-worthy reasons to give it some serious thought first.

Read on to discover how local SEO can set your business up for lasting success today!

1. Boost Brand Visibility

Shoppers won’t choose your business if they don’t realise it even exists. With SEO services, you can rank higher for relevant searches. When consumers start looking for your offerings, your business can appear.

Reaching the top of a Google search engine result page (SERP) will ensure consumers see you first. You can use local SEO services to appear for multiple queries, too.

Each time your site or Google Business listing appears, you’ll build brand awareness. In time, awareness will grow into brand recognition.

Then, you can start remaining top-of-mind. 

Consumers will even begin associating your brand with your offerings. Next time, they might even visit your site before considering other businesses, too. 

2. Reach Ideal Customers

One of the best benefits of using SEO is its precision. You can target your ideal customers based on the terms they use during searches.

You can focus on consumers who already want and need your offerings. You’ll have an easier time converting those consumers into sales as a result.

3. Generate Web Traffic

SEO generates over 1,000% more traffic than organic social media.

If people aren’t visiting your site, add SEO to your digital marketing strategy. You can reach more local shoppers and direct them to your site.

You can even use your Google Business profile to direct more people to your storefront.

4. Establish Credibility

Adding more reviews to your Google Business profile can boost your credibility. Shoppers trust the opinions of their peers. Recognising other people trust your brand can encourage future shoppers to trust you, too.

Generating brand trust can benefit your entire digital marketing strategy. 

5. Increase Engagement

Optimising your Google Business profile can encourage shoppers to call you, visit your store, or check out your website. You can use blog posts to generate leads and online sales, too.

Using local SEO services can set your brand up for success.

6. Improve Your ROI

Working with an SEO company will save your time and money while generating online leads! Then, you can improve your ROI, grow your business, and get ahead of competitors.

Don’t sweat SEO marketing. Instead, get growing by partnering with a local SEO company.

Love the Locals: 6 Benefits of Local SEO Services

Ready to grow your business? Reach out to local consumers with help from our SEO company. With local SEO services, you can experience these benefits and much more.

Set your business up for lasting growth (and tons of online sales) today!

Eager to get started? We can’t wait to lend a hand.

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