Are you looking for ways to boost your company’s online sales? In 2021, around 2.14 billion people made online purchases. There is definitely a strong market for online goods and services! So the key is to find your customers.

What’s the secret to better online sales? The answer is DIGITAL MARKETING! Since your customers are shopping online, you should focus most of your marketing online, too.

But what other options are at your disposal? Here are ten ways to attract and keep customers and increase your online sales this year.

1. Use Social Media

Digital marketing happens in the digital universe: on websites and social media platforms. If you’re not already set up on social media platforms, do it NOW. Post regularly about upcoming sales and new products, and offer coupons exclusively by social media. After a while, you’ll build a loyal following who will pitch your products and services to other customers.

2. Optimize Payment Options

Customers love payment options. If you’re not already accepting PayPal payments, you should add this option immediately. Another popular idea is to offer instalment payments through a third party or in-house.

3. Be Consistent

Above all, be consistent with your social media marketing. Send the same message across all your online platforms. It’s a great branding tactic that conveys a sense of quality.

4. Know Your Customer’s Needs and Expectations

Online advertising only works if it responds to your customers’ needs and expectations. If you solve problems for them, they will buy from you. They’ll also share their enthusiasm with others.

5. Be Reliable and Friendly

Your marketing won’t work unless you send a consistent message. Stick to your branding strategy. And if you interact with customers on social media, develop a reputation for great customer service.

6. Use SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, uses popular search terms to draw customers to your website. You should use keywords throughout your website and social media posts to optimize sales. If you don’t have time for keyword research, hire an SEO company to do it.

7. Feature Chatbots or Live Chat

You’ve seen chatbots and live chat on websites before. Most web design templates now include a chatbot or a live chat option on your website. This is because they’re a powerful way to engage customers and make sales.

8. Use Paid Ads

Social media works, and it’s free. But don’t overlook the impact of paid ads driven by careful SEO. Paid ads will cost you, but they’re worth every penny because they’re targeted to your ideal customers.

9. Set Up Email Marketing

Most people have email, and some of us even check it throughout the day on our phones. This constant communication is why marketers have turned to emails as a strategy to reach new customers, and you can, too!

10. Offer Free Shipping

Customers love free shipping. If a customer has to choose between another website without free shipping, and your site, with free shipping, you’ll get the sale!

Use This List to Boost Your Online Sales

There’s no need to panic if you aren’t hitting your target sales online. Use this list to help you boost your online sales. 

To learn more about how to optimize your social media marketing, get in touch. We specialize in digital marketing, copywriting, and web design and can help you optimize your online footprint. Feel free to visit our website and contact us with any questions!

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