In the realm of corporate decision-making, economics and efficiency have traditionally been the North Star guiding businesses toward increased profits. Pencil and Coffee, however, invites us to peer beyond the balance sheets and spreadsheets, into a world where holistic thinking can be the compass leading to a new dimension of success. In this article, we explore how focusing on marketing as a whole, rather than just the digital realm, can not only impact costs but also elevate a company’s value proposition, staff morale, customer loyalty, and satisfaction rates.

The Economics of Cutting Costs

For decades, the mantra of business has often been “cut costs to boost profits.” It’s a logical equation deeply ingrained in corporate thinking. Businesses strive to trim expenses, streamline processes, and embrace automation with the ultimate aim of fattening the bottom line. Yet, in this fervour for efficiency, what often gets overshadowed is the bigger picture.

The Missed Opportunities

At Pencil and Coffee we assert that while cost-cutting measures may appear economically sound on paper, they can also lead to missed opportunities and undervalued propositions. Let’s consider the example of replacing a doorman with an automatic door-opening mechanism. Yes, it may save on salary costs, but what else is lost in this transaction?

A Holistic View

We try to encourage businesses to take a step back and adopt a holistic perspective. While the primary function of a doorman may be to open doors, there are several ancillary benefits that often go unnoticed. These include offering a taxi-hailing service, providing extra security, discouraging vagrancy, recognising and welcoming regular customers, and even symbolising the status and hospitality of the establishment.

The Premium of Extra Value

By looking at the bigger picture, Pencil and Coffee we reveal that holistic decision-making can yield substantial returns. Instead of simply focusing on cost reduction, we advocate for adding value. In our doorman example, retaining the doorman may not only maintain the status quo but also enhance it. The added services and enhanced customer experience can justify premium pricing.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Our approach isn’t just about profit margins; it’s about enhancing customer satisfaction. A doorman’s warm welcome, assistance, and sense of security can leave a lasting impression, leading to higher customer retention rates and greater overall satisfaction.

A Happier Workforce

Additionally, retaining staff for their multifaceted roles can boost staff morale and reduce turnover. When employees are valued for their contributions beyond the immediate job description, they tend to be more engaged, loyal, and motivated.


We aim to present a compelling perspective that challenges the traditional bottom-line-driven decision-making process. Instead of a singular focus on cost-cutting, we advocate a holistic approach that considers the broader implications of choices. In essence, we invite businesses to view every decision as an opportunity to add value, enhance customer satisfaction, and create a harmonious workplace. As we navigate the landscape of business decisions, let’s embrace the idea that the bigger picture often holds the key to lasting success.

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