Showcasing what you do as a business can be hard work. Getting everything that you want to say and promote into a format that conveys the correct message takes time. However, what we are finding at the moment is that businesses are migrating towards live streams to promote what they are doing, and although it is popular, it is only going to become more so. COVID has also pushed this agenda in the sense that gathering together in the real sense is impossible at the moment, so the cheap and easier alternative is to live stream your business and message. 

So what type of content should you consider live streaming, and what platform can you use? 

You can, of course, get in touch with us here and Pencil and Coffee and we can work with you to get your live stream event up and running, but here is an overview of some ideas.

Make sure that you get your background and makeshift studio in good order though. People don’t want to see your half-built wardrobe or your dodgy wallpaper, so think about the background, lighting and sound that you will project. Also, remember that if your using a bookshelf as a background you may be picked up on your choice of books, and this could go either way for you. People may compliment you on your copy of ‘1984’ but be prepared for potential criticism if you have any Enid Blyton knocking around. The point is your background will evoke emotions in people with an opinion so it needs to be thought out. 

Live Q and A’s

If you are an expert in your field, if you know your beans from your peas then it’s worth considering doing and Q & A. Ask questions of a colleague or get them to do the same to you. You could also consider getting an influencer in your field involved. Prepare your questions, pick your platform and promote, promote, promote. 


This is a great one for cooks, fitness freaks or people with a particular skill. You can demonstrate an exercise, or cooking up a particular menu or dish. Put it out live from your kitchen, by getting your partner or friend to film it. 

Pitch or Demo

Have you developed a new product or have an interest in a particular technology? Then live streaming the unpacking and use of that product can be a great way to push your work or business. 


There are so many to choose from now. Covid-19 has pushed many of these platforms into our consciousness like never before. Instagram, Facebook Live, LinkedIn and Twitter all offer the opportunity to broadcast live now. Research your audience first though as it’s likely that LinkedIn will give you a different audience to Twitter.


Don’t go into this blind or fresh. Have a practice, film it and ask close friends and confidants for feedback. You may think that your funny or have a great touch at presenting but coming across as Alan Partridge is the last thing you want (or not, who knows). Again, think about how you can add some sparkle and interest to this by getting some interactive elements intertwined. You could also give the audience some value by giving them a download of some kind or even a discount. 

Good luck and get in touch for more hands-on support, let us see what you come up with.

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