Creating an editorial calendar to create engaging content, which will improve your SEO, is a good way to organise your content and stay on top of it.

No matter the size of the business, this will always be useful. So if you have a team everyone knows who’s creating the content, what about and when. If you’re a solopreneur then it maybe more sparse, nevertheless it will organise it and create consistency. 

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You can use various tools or documents to create your content plan, one that is right for you and your team. The simplest way is to use a wall calendar and a sharpie.

Your content plan can be simple and develop into something complex onto Google Docs or Excel. You can add categories, author information, content type, social promo and more! 

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To get more technical you can add in how long the tasks will take. This is useful if more than one author will be working on it.

Even more complex plans can include ideation, writing, review and publishing. Which can show how long each task will take as well and how far along the process you are.

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Currently we use a simple Google Doc with two tabs listing our content topics with the relevant hashtags we want to use to promote the content on social media. Then the second tab includes the date, the content topic, the post copy or link, images to be used and then a brief if necessary.

Let us know if this was useful to plan your content calendar, if you would like Pencil & Coffee to create the content for you in accordance with your calendar plan then get in touch! If you have other methods or tips to create an editorial calendar share them in the comments for other people who can benefit from it.

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