There are currently over 5.59 billion active email accounts worldwide.

While not all of these will belong to people in your target audience, it still shows how useful email is as a communication tool. To fully take advantage of this, you should implement some strong email marketing strategies within your business.

For some email marketing strategies to improve your marketing campaign, keep reading.

Clean Email List

No matter how good your email marketing strategies are, they won’t be helpful if they’re not landing in people’s inboxes. Maintaining a clean email list is the best way to ensure good email deliverability.

Cleaning your email list involves removing email addresses that haven’t been engaged for a long time. It’s also important to remove any contacts who have chosen to unsubscribe.

Growing your email list is important, but you’ll get a higher quality email list by pruning it. This means removing those mentioned above, as well as any that bounce or have you marked as spam.

Always Provide Value

One of the key aspects of any marketing campaign is that it provides value. The more value you provide, the more engagement you’ll get. If people know you provide quality content they’re more likely to open and interact with your emails.

The content you provide in email newsletters will be dependent on your business and your audience. If you’re an auto parts retailer, for example, you could provide advice that can help people look after their cars.

Emails detailing promotions and new products/services also provide value, but these are quite common, so they won’t stand out too much. If you’re not sure what sort of content to provide your subscribers with, one of the best things you can do is ask them. You can use any of the following methods:

  • Give subscribers options about the type of content they’d like to receive
  • Use surveys to get customer opinions
  • Allow subscribers to send responses with suggestions

You should also think about accessibility to ensure your subscribers can view your emails properly. Make sure they’re both mobile-friendly and screen reader-friendly.

Optimize CTAs

Your CTAs (calls to action) are one of the most important factors when it comes to click-through rates. A strong CTA will get more visitors to your site, so you want to make sure you’re using them effectively.

Make sure the text is compelling, and try out different buttons and colours to help draw attention to your CTA. Evoking emotion and using strong command verbs such as “buy”, “shop”, or “download” tends to work quite well. Giving people more of a reason to click by offering special deals can help, as well as leveraging FOMO with things like “only 10 left!”.

The Importance of Email Marketing Strategies

All brands should be implementing email marketing strategies, among other marketing strategies, to help maximize growth. Make sure the content of your email newsletters provides value and gives your customers a reason to engage.

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