A holistic SEO approach is a long term positive boost on your sites ranking. Using quick SEO tricks might work temporarily but can backfire in the future. The aim is to build a solid foundation first, then using that as your base to continuously improve and keep ranking high using SEO. 

Permanently ranking  well on Google requires an extensive SEO strategy which focuses on every aspect of your website – technical stuff, user experience, content on your site and security of the website all need to be in order.

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What is holistic SEO?

A holistic SEO (search engine optimisation) is about improving all aspects of your website to make it rank higher on search engines. The ultimate goal is to have a website which fulfils all the users needs, at every level. So just creating backlinks to the website is not a full SEO approach but just one part. 

To start with you need to provide the right information, be easy to use and safe. The whole experience from when a customer thinks about your product/service, finds your website, builds trusts and see’s your business as the authority in that field, and then you have their buy-in but also it’s about to keep them coming back as well. A good website should consider at least the following:

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Why a holistic SEO?

Google’s aim is to build the perfect search engine, people find what they are looking for easily – like what’s the best kettle to buy?

When developing a website and creating your marketing strategy, this must be kept in mind to ensure you’re making it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for.

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Even though throughout the ages Google have changed their algorithms and will continue to do so, the principal advice still remains the same, which is not to say that it will be easy. The following need to be taken into consideration – an exceptionally good website, high quality content by providing solutions to customers problems, an excellent user experience and up to date security. 

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This is the back bone of a solid SEO and holistic approach. It doesn’t mean you will be ranked higher instantly, but it will create a positive SEO in the long run.

Good websites get links from other sites and gain social media attention. The behaviour of the people using a good website and a bad website will influence Google and your ranking. Google uses all of this data as signals of how people experience the site. 

Feedback in form of emotions, smileys, emoji.

All of this equals higher conversion rates. The audience that likes and understands your site will buy from it and them returning to your site is higher!

Doing SEO the Holistic Way

Of course all of this can seem overwhelming, where do you even start? Fear not, at Pencil and Coffee we can provide free SEO audits on your site and provide advice on the user experience, content and security of your website! Just drop us a message! 

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