Are you embarking on an SEO campaign, but still don’t know what to expect from it?

It’s 2021 and SEO is more important for small companies than ever before. If you’re not capitalizing on SEO, then you can bet that your competitors are. But you can get a leg up on the competition with a well-formed SEO campaign.

Many business owners often wonder how long it takes to see SEO results. This is a tough question to answer because a good SEO campaign might take many months to start showing signs of success.

Today, we’re going to give you a short breakdown to help you understand the SEO process and when you might start to see results. Keep reading and you’ll feel more confident in your search engine optimization campaign.

When Will You See Your SEO Campaign Working?

We live in a society where people want to see fast results, so they can determine if something’s working or not. However, if you want immediate gratification with a digital marketing campaign, SEO isn’t going to give it to you. 

Typically, it’s going to take somewhere between 6 and 12 months for you to start to see results from an SEO campaign. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense because you’d never see your website jump from far down the search rankings all the way to the top overnight.

It’s just not feasible because Google rankings depend on so many different factors, like how reliable your website has been, the searches being performed versus the content on your site, backlinks, page speed, and the legitimacy of keywords.

Why It Takes Longer

In the 6 to 12 month range is when you should start seeing measurable results in traffic, leads, and conversions. If this seems long, it’s because a lot goes into an SEO campaign. Let’s take a deeper look at the process.

In the first month, you’ll find the right SEO agency, which will then perform a website audit to determine where you need to improve, as well as keyword research and planning.

The next couple of months might involve more technical SEO, which includes website modifications to improve the UX. Website speed and functionality have a huge impact on where you’ll rank on Google searches.

Together with your SEO agency, you might start targeting keywords and creating written content on your blog to draw in new visitors. If you choose, your agency could help you actually write the content to ensure that the articles and keywords therein are working toward your campaign goals.

Once you’re into months 5 and 6, you’ll be continuously putting out a stream of content, both on your blog and social media channels. By then, you should be seeing measurable results from what you and your digital marketing team have worked on thus far.

Have Faith In the Process

A great SEO campaign will exercise your patience, but it’s going to be worth the wait. Creating a winning website isn’t something that happens overnight, but once the results start rolling in, you’ll realize what all the hard work was for.

If you want to create the perfect SEO campaign to boost your company’s traffic, leads, and sales, contact us at Pencil & Coffee.

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