Hi, I’m Becka from Clear Round Media, thank you so much to Danny for letting me appear on his blog. You’ll see a bit later on why I value form relationships like this so much!


So, if you’re anything like me – when you first started your business you thought you had a totally unique idea that nobody else had thought of. Then you take that business out into the big wide world and realise just how saturated most markets are. Unless you’re a technological whizz or an entrepreneurial genius – then it’s doubtful you have a completely unique venture. What makes your business different, however, is you!


My expertise is Social Media, so here are my top tips to stand out online and draw the customers onto your feed as opposed to your competitors.


1. Be consistent!

My biggest thing on social media is the need to stay consistent. If you can only commit to posting twice a week then that’s fine but space out your content so that it’s twice every week – not four times in one day and then radio silence for weeks to come.


2. Create strong branding


If you take a look at my Instagram feed you’ll see that there’s a strong theme all of the way through. I opted for light, bright images and white tiles every 4th picture. I have clients who go loud and bold, dark and moody, pastels or brights. Someone commented in a networking meeting that they can always recognise my pictures simply the style of editing or the graphics I use. I’ve done this myself with no extra cost, but there are fantastic companies out there who can help you to create a really strong, recognisable brand.


3. Boost Good News


Some Social Media Managers claim to never, ever boost posts – and good for them! I, however, have a particular type of post that I love to put some money behind – Good News! If you pay to boost a sales post, the only people who will interact are those who are ready to buy. If you spread the word about any good news (charity work, new employees, awards won) then it’ll attract far more people, let’s face it we all love some good news!

4. Create Connections


As I said at the start of this post, forming good relationships within the business world is vital. I always go to my fellow business owners for any of my needs whether it’s a gift for a loved one, booking a holiday or needing help within my business.


5. Prove Your Worth


If you’re looking for an expert, are you going to trust the word of someone who says they’re an expert – or someone who regularly proves it? Showcase your best work across all of your social media channels so that your audience already know you’re good at what you do – then when it comes to convincing them to part with their money – you’re one step closer!


Hopefully, the points above will help you to create a social media feed that really stands out amongst your competitors. None of this happens overnight, it is a long process to create a recognisable presence online but it’s so worth it!


Let me know if you implement any of these, or if you’d like any more detailed help then I’m more than happy to share some more knowledge!


Until next time,



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