Recently I felt like I lost my way. I felt like I lost my direction, as a result, I didn’t have a focus. Then I was reminded to reflect on my personal values. 

And so I did.

So below is an article about why values are important and how they can help with your business.

What does the word value mean to you? 

Values shape our decisions in our life and business. Everyone’s values are different, and more often shaped at a young age through our upbringing. Read why values are important.

Your values should shape the way you live your life and how you operate your business. These can change as you change, but it’s about what beliefs are important to you. 

Therefore, it is important to review them to ensure that they are relevant for your growth in your personal and business situation. By doing so it should determine your priorities and the direction you want to go in. 

When the things you do match your values, life is good – you’re content and happy with the direction you’re going in. When they don’t match then it can be a source of unhappiness, within your business and self. 

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So it is important to reflect and review them to match the direction you want to go in and the beliefs you hold. 

Defining your values

Understanding what values are and defining your values helps you to build strong foundations for the direction you want to take in life. Your values and reasons for them are different from everyone else’s. It’s about what beliefs are important to you. 

They should reflect everything you do going forward with purpose and drive. 

Pencil and Coffee Your Journey

I’ve always thought I knew my values and beliefs. But once written down they become a commitment to yourself and a reminder.

To give an example the values that I hold close to me are the following and I’ve defined why they are important to me:

  • Inspirational – My actions to inspire others to achieve their goals. To show no matter where you come from or the circumstances, you too can achieve whatever you want. In turn, I want my customers to feel inspired to grow further and become better.
  • Fun – What’s the point of doing it if it’s not fun. Life can be pretty shit and we are surrounded by negativity whether that’s daily life stuff or the stuff we see on the news. So it’s important to me to have fun doing what I’m doing and to make sure I take time out to have fun with family and friends. 
  • Growth – Because if there is no growth there is no change and my situation doesn’t improve. There is no success without growth. At the same time, I want growth for my customers so they can achieve the success they want from their business. It’s important to me to grow in the following areas – business, personal development, spiritually, health & fitness and relationships. So I can live the life I want.
  • Action – If there is no action non of the above matters or happens. It’s important to Do. To get shit done.
  • Simplicity – There is an elegance in simplicity. Everything is overcomplicated and doesn’t help to go forward. Keep things simple, makes my development all that more simple and easy to execute. 
  • Empathy – I think it’s important to understand the feelings of the other person because I can then see where they are coming from and therefore better equipped to serve them.

These are just my personal values, that after reflecting on them this morning decided these six were the most relevant to me at this moment in time in my life. Now that they are written down and out here for the world to see, I’ve made a commitment to follow these every day in everything I do.

These create my foundations and beliefs. Going forward I will always reflect on the above before making decisions for myself or my businesses. It will also make my decisions easier to make because I know my WHY.

Applying to your business 

Once you’ve defined your personal values these should leak over to your business as well, since your business is an extension of yourself. You can view the values of Pencil and Coffee here. After determining my own this morning I will be updating the business ones to reflect my personal values. 

It will give your business more focus and determine the direction you want to go without being distracted by the clutter around you. To know more about the benefits of why it’s important to define your values read the following article – 8 benefits of identifying your values. 

Now that you’ve implemented them into your business you can see the decisions you’ve made previously to see if they are in line with your beliefs. If they don’t then you need to stop doing those if there is no benefit to your values. And start focusing on strategies and decisions that are in line with your values. 

Growing your business

Marketing is going to be an important part of your business, if you speak to most branding strategists and marketing experts they will start with understanding your values. Good marketing and branding are based on your values as a business. 

We are surrounded in a world full of noise and if you jump on the wagon and do the same you will be forgotten. If you define your marketing within your values, they will hold more weight. There will be a strategy behind marketing and a reason.

All successful companies have a very strong and clear reason for why they are doing what they are doing. They are the ones that stand out from all the noise. They will gain more market share because customers can relate to your why. 

Pencil and Coffee are no different, before embarking on any work we want to understand your why. If we understand this we can align our services with your objectives. Instead of trying to offer you every service just to make money, we can strategically define which services will fall within your why. This makes for more compelling marketing campaigns. 

So, my question to you is what is your why? Your why will be determined by your personal values and beliefs that are also integrated within the business. 

Pencil and Coffee Coffee Cup What Good Shall I Do Today

I’ve got 6 but normally 4/5 values are good enough. They create your foundations. They give you purpose and direction. Ultimately they will help as an individual grow and your business too.

It’s that constant reminder of why you are getting up every morning and doing what you do.

It would be very interesting in knowing what values are important to you if you’re comfortable with it share them below in the comments section and a link to your website.

If you want to discuss your marketing strategies and see if they are in line with your values then get in touch with us we would love to have a friendly chat and help talk about your values. 

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