Get ready to dive into a realm where creative genius meets childlike curiosity, courtesy of the spirited minds at Pencil and Coffee. This isn’t your average marketing advice; it’s a dynamic perspective that kicks off meetings with a whimsical question. Buckle up as we explore why beginning a discussion with a seemingly self-evident question can pave the way to mastering the art of marketing your product or service.


The Power of Childish Questions

Picture this: a room full of business minds, ready to tackle complex marketing challenges. Yet, the discussion doesn’t dive into intricacies. Instead, it kicks off with a playful, seemingly childish question. We believe that tapping into the simplicity of asking, so-called, childish questions can unravel the most profound insights, igniting the journey to successful marketing strategies. For instance, we might ask a question like “Why do people hate standing on trains?” – a seemingly ordinary question that, upon closer examination, can lead to a deeper understanding of customer behaviour.

Playing in the Realm of ‘Why’

At the heart of this approach lies the power of ‘why’. By starting with a basic question that appears to have an obvious answer, the team at Pencil and Coffee taps into the innate curiosity of everyone in the room. It’s like inviting the inner child to play and explore, allowing fresh perspectives to surface and opening up avenues of innovation.

Pencil and Coffee’s Playful Entryway

In the vibrant world of Pencil and Coffee, brainstorming sessions are transformed into playgrounds of thought. We don’t just ask questions; we initiate quests for insight. By tossing a seemingly self-evident question onto the table, they encourage the team to think beyond the surface and uncover hidden layers that can drive impactful marketing strategies. Just like pondering “Why do people hate standing on trains?” can unveil a range of reasons beyond the obvious, these questions spark deeper exploration.

Unearthing Customer Perceptions

The beauty of the ‘obvious’ question lies in its ability to unveil customer perceptions. What often seems self-evident typically hides deeper meanings. By delving into why a particular feature or benefit seems obvious, businesses can uncover what resonates with their audience and use those insights to craft compelling marketing narratives.

Our Approach

We like (and aren’t afraid to) asking seemingly childish questions not just as a tactic— but as a philosophy. It’s about looking at the familiar through fresh eyes, challenging assumptions, and seeking the essence of what truly matters. By cultivating this approach, we create marketing strategies that resonate deeply with audiences and create impactful connections.

Reframing with Playful Profundity

We don’t just stop at questions; we wield the magic of reframing. A simple query transforms into a door to exploration. Imagine how your marketing can change when you view your product or service through a playful lens. Suddenly, what seemed self-evident becomes a gateway to creativity.


Pencil and Coffee have rewritten the script for starting meetings and crafting marketing strategies. By kicking off discussions with seemingly childish questions, they tap into the heart of creativity and innovation. It’s not just about asking; it’s about reimagining the familiar and unearthing customer perceptions. Embrace the ‘why’, let your inner child roam, and watch your marketing strategies evolve into captivating tales that resonate deeply with your audience.

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