So you’re getting ready to launch your business’s new website. You’re ready to get to work and design it on your own, right?

Do you really think that DIY web design is the answer? DIY website design might seem like the better and more creative solution, but when it comes to running a business site, it’s the wrong choice. 

We’re here to save you the trouble of making a site that falls flat. Keep reading to learn all about why you should consider professional website design over DIY. 

You Want a Mobile-Friendly Site

Did you know that, depending on your industry, up to 72% of your potential customers could be using mobile devices to find your business? This is a huge percentage, but why does it matter?

Most novice web designers, even if they’re good at putting together an appealing website for computer viewing, don’t think about how that website is going to look on a phone or tablet. 

If your site isn’t accessible for mobile devices, you’ll miss out on all of those potential customers who are trying to find you. 

No Unbiased Party

Let’s face it: you’re going to be biased toward your own work. You’re putting together your DIY masterpiece and you think it looks awesome from the get-go.

In reality, there are likely going to be some problems, even when it comes to your pre-website plans. When you hire someone to design a business website for you, you can give them your plans and they can tell you where you need to make adjustments for a functional and appealing site.

Speed Matters

DIY websites are often slow and bloated with extra features that may seem good on the surface, but are actually killing the functionality of the site. 

Even a loading time of three seconds increases the chance that a potential customer will leave your website by 32%. That’s 32% of potential business that you’re losing. 

Even if you’re a stellar graphic designer or you’re used to setting up fantastic social media pages, speed isn’t something that you’ve had to consider before. Let professionals keep your website speedy!

Site Ownership? Think Again

So what if you use one of those accessible website builders, like Wix?

The benefit of website builders like this is that they’re easy for anyone to use and they’re often free, making them appealing to small business owners. On the flip side, however, you won’t actually own that site.

If the platform goes down, so does your website. 


Consider your own experience as a consumer. You know what an unprofessional website looks like. It’s jarring and it doesn’t make you want to use that business’s products and services. 

Professionalism shows. You want your customers to see a neat and clean site. Think of your website as your business attire. It sets a good first impression. 

DIY Web Design? No Way

Sure, DIY web design seems like a good idea at first, but if you want your business to thrive, it’s best to invest in professional web designers. 

Professional website design is good for your business and potential customers alike. Why not make your website more attractive and accessible? 

If you want a site that looks neat, clean, and professional, we want to help! Contact us at Pencil & Coffee so we can start working together today.

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