Your content marketing strategy can use a facelift. Accept it, 2021 brings new challenges and opportunities. If you’re still marketing the same way you did in 2020, it’s time for an upgrade.

Your existing customers ache for innovation. Content marketing strategy is a series of decisions that involve planning, distributing, cross-promoting, and publishing content. The aim is that this content will maximize engagement and brand loyalty. 

We’ve got five types of content marketing strategies below. Keep reading!

1. Prioritize Your Audience

If you make a product that solves a problem, talk about that problem, not your product. Your audience is more concerned with their needs and their problems than your product. 

Use your content to offer and address solutions to these problems. The unnaturally your product will be able to shine.

2. Start Livestreaming

We live in the age of immediacy. That’s partly Amazon’s fault. But long story short people don’t have the patience to wait for anything anymore. 

Your options for live streaming are endless. It can be a conversation, event coverage, or more. It is the closest thing to in-person for a consumer. 

3. Read the Room

2020 changed everyone’s priorities and habits. Your business’ content marketing and strategy should “read the room.” 

Many businesses adapted to the financial struggles we saw in 2020 by offering special discounts and free trials. Businesses in the apparel industry made protective gear. Part of running a business is staying in touch with community values.

4. Infographics

Infographics are often ignored. They are powerful.

Users move fast. Infographics are the perfect storm of visual and written value that a user can digest in seconds. If they like what they see they’ll stick around for more.

Infographics are really effective to include in your content strategy for digital marketing more than anything else.

5. Blogs

Blogs are a really powerful tool since they are inbound. The opportunities are endless. You can always shamelessly plug your product as a solution in your blog and direct link.

Additionally, you can boost your SEO through the topics you choose to cover in your blog. Lastly, blogs offer the opportunity to bring guests into your world. These guests can help promote your product to their audiences and be something new for yours.

Optimizing Your Content Marketing Strategy 

An important thing to remember with content marketing is that it can be inbound or outbound. Inbound marketing connects with your existing audience across platforms. Outbound marketing reaches out to new people via tradeshows, cross-promotion, and cold calling.

An effective content marketing strategy will prioritize inbound tactics while still focusing on outbound tactics. The above five strategies can be leveraged for both inbound and outbound marketing.

Continue to provide value through your content marketing. Make sure to set clear content marketing strategy goals. These are the most important steps to boost conversions and make your bottom line sing.

With so many tips, content marketing can quickly become content chaos. Contact us for help drafting your content marketing strategy.  

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