Did you know that the business-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn, was founded in 2002? LinkedIn’s focus on professional connections sets it apart from other social networks such as Facebook. LinkedIn has become a tool for professionals to interact, share their experiences, find work, and much more.

LinkedIn is often underutilised by companies since you need to follow a different strategy than you’d use on other social media sites. If used correctly, LinkedIn can be used to improve brand awareness, boost leads, increase online sales, and recruit top talent.

So keep reading to find out how to use LinkedIn for business purposes.

Optimise Your Page

The first step of using LinkedIn for business is obviously to create a business page on LinkedIn. Once you’ve done that, the real work begins.

To start off, you need to edit your profile as you’ll have additional fields you’ll need to fill in here. This information will help make it clear to viewers what it is you do while also helping your LinkedIn SEO. This is incredibly important as companies with complete profiles get 30% more views.

Fill out all the fields in this additional information area. This will make what you do clear to users and help with your LinkedIn SEO, a.k.a. showing up in search results. It’s worth it: Companies with complete profiles get 30% more views.

Your LinkedIn page is also indexed by Google, so you’ll want to throw in some natural keywords in the first paragraph of your company description! 

Content Matters

When it comes to content, you’ll want to vary the length of your posts and add media where you can to break up the text. 

While people are more willing to read longer posts on LinkedIn than on other social media sites, you don’t want to bore your audience by only posting walls of text. You also don’t want to fall into the trap of only posting short posts, as that can make it seem like you’re lacking substance.

If you’re unsure of your content, you can consider hiring a professional SEO company to create content for you. These companies will be able to help you create engaging content and might even be able to help you with the digital marketing of the content.

You can also boost your posts by changing them into paid ads. More people will get to see your content, and if used correctly, this can become one of your main forms of online advertising. Well-written content with meaning and a purpose won’t come off as a blatant ad, so more people will be willing to view it.

Know How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Knowing how to use LinkedIn for business is an important aspect of social media marketing. The benefits of using LinkedIn for B2B marketing alone puts it at the top when it comes to marketing platforms.

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