It may not seem that geographic and physical locations would matter much in a marketing strategy in the digital world, but we’re here to tell you that they do! 

When it comes to local marketing, what you say is almost as important as how you say it! Did you know that Google ranks local SEO by the physical address of the company and proximity to the searcher

Local marketing is really important for your business to stand out. Keep reading to find out just how to catch the eye of the right people with the right strategy! 

So, What’s The Point Of Local Marketing? 

Local marketing enables businesses to tailor their communication strategy to the needs of a specific region or market and send targeted messages to the right people. So, if you want to talk to a particular person within a particular place, this is what you should be doing.

Local marketing raises local awareness. Put another way; it enables brands to enhance and publicize their points of sale or establishments to a local population.

Companies want to increase traffic to their point of sale above all else when increasing brand awareness. Almost 50% of people who conducted a local search visited a business within 24 hours, indicating that local marketing is effective.

How To Stand Out 

If you move forward with this style of marketing, it’s about being all about local. There are some creative ways for your business to not only say we’re a local brand but also that you’re part of the community while ticking your marketing boxes! 

1. Connect With Local Influencers 

Each city or town is bound to have a local person who is the go-to for brand information. These are the people with a massive following who give tips on where to shop and where to eat. If you can collaborate with an influencer, you can get more local eyes on your brand. But make sure it’s the right type of influencer whose audience matches your target market. 

2. Create Local Content 

The city or place you’re in is bound to have awesome local attractions. Why not create some brand content around these places? Bring it into your brand narrative and put up social media stories talking about these local places! 

People who live there will love the spin you’ve taken on places that are important to them! Even your local search engine optimization strategy can have local content as part of the bigger picture, like creative blog posts! 

3. Join Local Community Groups 

We’re not talking about the book club on Fifth Street, but consider joining local community groups on Facebook that you can join in on local discussions. 

Interact with people as your brand and spread the word about where they can find you and why they should choose you! 

Lovely, Likeable, And Local! 

Local marketing really is the way to go if you want people stepping through your door within a certain geographic area. 

Local searchers are the ones whose attention you want to grab, and this is the way. Need some help in laynching a local marketing campaign? 

Contact us; we can help you do it right. 

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