Did you know that 50 per cent of landing pages are optimized for mobile?

Are your landing pages not bringing the conversions and results you want? Great landing pages are vital to attracting customers and increasing your sales. 

Read on to learn how web design can help you create the best landing page. 

1. Build Trust in Your Brand Through Social Proof

When a visitor clicks on your landing page, the first thing they will want to figure out is what you’re pitching.

Once your pitch has been evident to them, they will want to know why they should trust you. 

Think of the last time you had a choice between eating at two different restaurants. Did you choose the restaurant that had a long line outside? To convey social proof to your customers, you need to start by showing strength in numbers. 

For example, if you sell products, you want to show how many reviews your product has gotten on your landing page. Although ten five-star reviews are great, 1,000 five star reviews will convey popularity, 

Another way to show social proof is by showing you’re the authority in the industry. Having a social influencer to endorse your product can have a significant impact. 

2. Scarcity Can Drive Your Customers

If you want to persuade your customers, scarcity is a tactic that has proven results. When we see that a product is in limited supply, we want to buy it to avoid missing out on the opportunity.

When designing a website landing page, think about how you can use scarcity to drive sales. 

3. Show You’re the Authority

The best landing page design has the opportunity to show customers you’re the authority in the field. Your landing page can help establish implicit authority and explicit authority. 

To show your implicit authority, the landing page must show design and copy standards that can establish you as the authority in your field. 

On the other hand, explicit authority allows you to let your visitors know you’re the expert in the field, such as having a recommendation from a trusted authority. 

4. Limit Your Ideas to One Per Page

How many times have you visited a landing page and been overwhelmed by too many visuals, text, and calls to action that you decide to close the page? In fact, 48% of landing pages have more than one idea.

The best landing page designs show only one idea per page. Think about the main call to action per page and stick to it. 

5. Choose Visuals Carefully

Although you want your landing pages to have visuals to look lively and appealing, you also want to avoid too many distracting visuals. For example, if you want to add a video to a landing page, give your visitors the chance to click on it.

If the video pops up and interrupts their search, it can have the opposite effect and turn them off.

Are You Ready to Create the Best Landing Page?

Now that you know more about what it takes to design the best landing page, you’re ready to get started.

Start by using social proof to build trust in your brand, create scarcity to drive sales, show you’re the authority, and choose your visuals carefully.

Are you ready to let an expert elevate your landing pages? Contact us to learn more about our services. 

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