The Key to Keywords 2 – The saga continues unfortunately

The sage is continuing, and unfortunately, it is a saga.

There is not a short cut to trying to get a business to expand and to get to where it wants to go, via SEO.

You must understand who the business is, what their goals are and who their customers are.


John runs a garage, so you may want to know the following about his customers, in order to help with keywords.


What types of work do customers have done?

Are there trends according to the seasons ?

What questions do they ask of John?

Why do they want the work doing?

Where are his customers located?

How would Johns customers describe what he does?

We all have a way of describing our daily work, but how would our audience or potential customers search for our services? It’s a crucial one to think about and discover as an initial step in keyword research.

When discovering keywords you may have a few in mind that you would like to rank for. Your services or products perhaps?

You can use a tool from a company like to uncover what kind of search volume certain keywords get.

It’s worth playing around with these combinations to get an idea of the differences combinations can get.

Johns garage could use: 

  • Local service station
  • Garage MOT
  • Garage repair shop

You will see a big difference in these parameter results, and while you will target terms that your audience is searching for ie garage, repairs, MOT etc, sometimes the grouping with lower search outcomes may be the ones to go for because they are less competitive.

There is still lots to consider and we don’t want to overly bore you, so let’s do this in biteable chunks.

 Next week we will continue the odyssey of keywords with The key to Keywords 3 – The part where we nearly get to the end but not quite.

We can hardly wait, and we know you can’t either.

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