What do you do in a crisis?

We’ve been in this crisis for a while now, what do you do with your business in a crisis?


There have been many businesses in the past that have started up during a crisis and succeeded. 

Here are a few companies that started in a crisis and are all successful businesses that you’ve most likely heard off –


Fortune magazine



Walt Disney





General Motors

Proctor & Gamble

United Airlines




We can argue that the crisis we are in is different and unprecedented. Nevertheless at the time of starting those businesses so was their crisis. They had not been a situation like that. But what made them different?


Not much from you and I, except that they didn’t stop to think about what’s going on in the world and how it would affect them. Instead, they saw an opportunity or had an idea and relentlessly pursued it. 


A lot of businesses in these times have sat on the thought that they would wait to see the outcome of the crisis before acting. By then it’s too late! 


Take action now


In my opinion, there’s no better time to take action. Start now.


Waiting for external circumstances will never yield success for your business. 


Whatever it is an idea or to grow your business, the time to take action is now. The same applies to any situation or year. 


Thinking too much about external factors will only prevent you from achieving your goals. 


Marketing viewpoint

A lot of time I’ve seen businesses stop promoting or marketing because of external circumstances. This is the best time to put more into your marketing efforts. If you don’t the companies that already have a strong presence and continue marketing will have a much stronger presence when this crisis passes over, and you’ll be in a position where you’ll struggle more so because they dominated. 


It’s like the saying when it comes to investment in property. In crisis generally, people panic and start selling those that remain calm will take advantage of the situation and start buying. When things normalize they will be in a stronger position. 


The same applies to marketing, stop being scared in times of crisis and push even more with your idea or business. 




Those that will achieve success are those that relentlessly keep pushing with a single-minded attitude that will weather the storm. 


My advice is to use this time to push even harder with your idea or growth.  

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