According to a recent Harris Poll, 91% of business executives anticipate an increase in their social media budgets over the next 3 years. But what good is a great social media presence if no one knows about it?

The combination of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to getting the ROI on your social media efforts that you’re hoping for. 

Not only this, but combing SEO and social media efforts are essential to growing your business in 2021. Here are 6 tips on combining these marketing strategies that are perfect for your small business.

1. Share Your Own Content

With over 3 billion people on social media, you can bet they are engaging with content across various platforms. One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your SEO using your social media platforms is to share content across your different platforms.

Write a blog post? Share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The more places you share your content, the more engagement it will receive. This, in turn, will bring more traffic to your business website.

More traffic = more online sales.

2. Hyperlink

If you have a blog and you are not hyperlinking to your own social media platforms or business website, you’re not doing digital marketing right.

One of the most valuable purposes of a business blog and doing your own web design is to hyperlink to your own content.

If you’re using paid ads or online advertising of any kind, make sure you link potential customers to relevant pages where clicks can more easily become conversions.

3. Use Your Analytics

Do you know all those numbers and stats coming into your social media platforms? Those analytics are highly valuable. You don’t necessarily need a pricey SEO company or analytics platform.

Most social media platforms show you at least some basic info about your followers on the backend. Often, they do it for free.

Learn how to access your platform analytics. Using this data about your customer demographics, you can create the perfect messaging to appeal to your existing audience.

4. Find an Influencer

If you know your customer demographics well, you can identify who their main influencers are.

If there’s a social media influencer that your customers love, reach out to that influencer. Often, you can find a way to compensate that influencer for sharing or promoting your product or content.

5. Be Consistent

It can be hard to juggle the management of your business as it is. Throw in social media marketing and SEO efforts, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Having a dedicated employee or team in charge of your SEO and social media efforts can be a life-saver. It also helps you make sure your messaging and voice stay consistent and on-brand.

6. Create Quality Content

Another great way to combine SEO and social media is to create quality content useful to your followers.

If you’re just posting funny memes or begging for “shares” or “reposts,” customers are going to unfollow you quickly. Create the kind of content that users will want to share with friends because it actually adds value or useful information to their lives.

Combining SEO and Social Media Well

Learning to combine SEO and social media well is a must-do for any business, no matter your size. Small business owners will especially benefit from learning to use these tools to get their name, brand, and products out there.

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